This is now an archived website for the 2016 event - get in touch for next Faire news

           Hail dear visitor, welcome to archived page for 2016's NZ Medieval Faire. The "Eyre Faire" - 2016's NZ Medieval Faire was in Tauranga. There were many Medieval delights, plus artisan market. 

                        We brought explorations through time - Knights melee, Romans roam, Barbarians bay, the Vikings are a-viking ... the gentlefolk of the Saxon and High Middle Ages with plenty to admire, skills, beards of awesomeness. 

Our year theme was

866 - Viking invasion of York, led by Halfdan and Ivar the Boneless

1066 - Battles of Hastings, Stamford Bridge & on - a themed play!

1666 - Great fire of London ... we do not want to re-enact this in NZ!

If you are a re-enactor, an entertainer, artisan, trader or Living Historian, please get in touch you are needed for future Faires! People, encampments and activities are all very needed, please get in touch via the tabs above. Help us celebrate history.